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Giulio Bottazzi
Professor of Economics
Faculty of Social Sciences

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Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
p.zza Martiri della Liberta', 33
56127 Pisa Italy

Recent stuff

San Miniato Summer School [2019-09]

This year Stefano Galatolo, Università di Pisa and Isaia Nisoli, UFRJ presented "An introduction to random dynamical systems and their perturbations". See the web page of the school and the following nice picture


Alpha Vantage tutorial [2019-06]

Some times ago, Yahoo Finance stopped providing direct download of historical price data. Alpha Vantage seems to provide a valuable alternative. I've created a short tutorial on how to use it.

Wisdom of (Artificial) crowds [2019-05]

A short talk for the meeting of the Sant'Anna group on Information Theory and Machine Learning.

San Miniato Summer School [2018-09]

This year Marco Lippi lectured about "Mathematical Methods for Time Series Analysis". See the web page of the school and the following nice picture (some students are missing)


Presentation at Computation in Econocmis and Finance (CEF) 2018 [2018-06]

Time and heterogeneity in complex systems between models and data [2018-6]

Older stuff

Older material is collected here.

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